Trip to Iskar Gorge and Lakatnik rocks by motorbike and raft

The Iskar gorge and Lakatnik rocks can really leave you speechless with its panoramic views and stunning natural sights. No wonder that this is the place that inspired our national poet and the patriarch of Bulgarian literature  Ivan Vazov to write the following lines:

My beloved Fatherland, how beautiful you are! 

Japan through the eyes of an extrovert

Author: Nicola Filchev Editor: Vesselina Vassileva

The small details make Japan different and stunning – the reflection of the sunset over a small river covered with fallen cherry blossoms (sakura) in Tokyo’s quiet, secluded artisanal neighborhood; the sight of a few thousands of deer released in Nara that bow after you feeding them cookies; the amusement parks, beautiful beaches and young smiling children of Yokohama and Kyoto’s ancient castles and bamboo forests.…

Ruin bars, SPA and other hidden gems in Budapest

Bulgarians are more similar to Hungarians than we think. They prepare Easter breads and use the saying “One shallow does not make a summer” just like us. The resemblance in pronunciation  between some of our words and their words is striking (ulica – utca, galab – galamb, igo – iga) In addition, we share a similar historical past and common enemies over the years.…