Shooting as a hobby

Stretch your arms forward and wrap the grip of the pistol with your fingers. Catch a glimpse of the target and spread your legs so that they are at the level of your shoulders. Take a deep breath and concentrate. Forget about everything else and time will stop. For a fraction of a second, point the weapon at  the target and press the trigger with your index finger. A distant echo of the shot is heard. You have hit the bull’s eye.

The action takes place at the Gerena shooting range and I have taken up the role of femme fatale in an action movie. The experience increases adrenaline, helps you get rid of tension and tests your balance, accuracy and ability to focus. The staff from the shooting range take care of your safety, and at the entrance you are given shooting earmuffs and safety glasses. Shooting earmuffs protect your ears by reducing the noise of the shots while the glasses keep your eyes safe from flying cartridge cases.

shooting range, Герена

There is a wide selection of weapons to test your luck –  a small caliber and a great caliber pistol, a gun and a rifle, but the smallest caliber pistol is recommended, because it is the weakest. You will get instructions from an instructor on how to load the gun and hold it. I can guarantee from my personal experience that they are very patient with beginners.

Thanks to the lesson, I learned the golden rule in the shooting that the weapon MUST NEVER be pointed at  a man, even if it is empty.

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The experience is an original gift for all your guy friends – especially the vouchers in the form of a call order. Believe me – they will be happy and thank you. The good news is that shooting is not only available to the experienced gentlemen, but also to girls – absolute amateurs like me and does not require any preliminary skills. Definitely worth it if you need new emotions and impressions.

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