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Thanks to the discovery of fire and its use for cooking we have evolved as a human species. We spent much less time chewing food, our intestines became shorter, and our brain size increased. When I first encountered this fact, I was shocked, but once again I was convinced that cooking is not to be underestimated and should not be neglected in times of fast food and restaurants at every corner. We not only depend on it for survival and evolution, but also for high quality of life.

Cooking – a vocation or an everyday skill?

Being a chef is a vocation and a huge responsibility, but everyone can be a culinary person in their everyday lives. Make experiments or stick to the recipe, select the ingredients, combine them, and achieve a delicious, healthy and pleasant to the eye effect. Experience satisfaction, delight, and even peacefulness from the process.

Kitchen survivor cooking class

The Kitchen Survivor cooking class at the Amuse Bouche culinary school stimulated my appetite for cooking and made me realize what an important part of our life it takes.

For one month, with detailed instructions from the radiant Boyana, we learned basic details of culinary art. We resembled the swing of the gondola with the knife, we boned chicken and fish, cut beef across the muscle fibers to make it tender, added sugar even in salty dishes to enhance the taste. 

We have learned that the products we combine may seem incompatible at first glance, but if they have common aromatic molecules and a similar chemical composition, they hit the bull’s eye in terms of taste. An example of exotic and non-standard combinations are orange juice and tomato or chocolate and blue cheese. 

We mixed a bone broth – the infamous superfood of minerals, collagen and gelatin, which is beneficial to bones, joints, skin and hair, cures a sick throat and is also used in spaghetti, soup and risotto sauces.

We baked bread rolls with baking soda – they can be  prepared very quickly and easily at home 


We’ve come to know how to have a vanilla extract – a major ingredient in many desserts – and that it has nothing to do with the white powder we buy from the store. True vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world and 1 kilogram of vanilla beans cost over $ 500. The vanilla plant is an orchid and is pollinated by a special kind of Melipona bees. The beans  are fermented in grain vodka, turning dark brown and forming crystals.

The cooking classes were twice a week, we cooked in a team, and finally we all sat at the table and treated ourselves to a delicious dinner we prepared, and a glass of wine from Via Vinera. At the end of the course we received the recipes and tips by email.

Sincere thanks to Amuse Bouche’s team for the wonderful atmosphere, the beneficial knowledge and the practical skills that have given us. 

Cook often at home and be healthier, happier, and more energetic!

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