7 reasons why Borovets resort is a good idea in summer

Borovets has been widely known for its many ski slopes and cozy wooden cottages of the Finnish type. However, I was surprised to find that the resort has a lot to offer in summer as well:

View of the slopes from the restaurant “Seasons”

1. Proximity to the capital

It is only an hour’s drive from Sofia, which makes it very convenient for weekend getaways.

2. Cool climate

 Majestic pine forests provide a pleasant coolness in the summer. No wonder that once the most noble people of the capital’s elite built villas and hid from the heat right here.

гледки от Боровец, Ситняковска скала

3. Beautiful nature

The complex boasts breathtaking natural views and is located near Malyovitsa, Musala peak and the Seven Rila Lakes, where hikes are constantly organized. In clear weather, the resort offers an impressive view of the Balkan Mountains.

4. Rich history

The first Bulgarian resort is not only beautiful, but also rich in history. For those who don’t know, it used to be called “Chamkoria” – “pine forest” in Turkish. The area was a favorite hunting ground for Prince Ferdinand. That is why he built his summer residence – the palace “Tsarska Bistrica” ​​here, as well as two hunting villas “Saragyol” and “Sitnyakovo”.

ловна вила Ситняково Боровец
Prince Ferdinand’s hunting villa – “Sitnyakovo” – Unfortunately, it cannot be visited from the inside.

The palace is in Revival style and boasts a rich collection of hunting trophies, but the villas are rather simple. For many years, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha claimed the property and wanted it back, but the state managed to keep it.

5. Luxury and simplicity at the same time

хижа Чакър войвода
Cute benches in front of the hut “Chakar voivoda”

Besides luxury hotels like Hotel Rila where you can pamper yourself with spa treatments and deserved relaxation in the pool, the resort features cozy unpretentious huts as “Chakar voivoda” where you can enjoy peace in nature with a teacup in your hand.

хижа Чакър войвода
Chakar voivoda Hut

The friendly hut owners, the small library with interesting books and several board games will make your stay unforgettable. The hut is named after Chakar Voyvoda – a gray-eyed hajduk who was really skilful in repairing rifles and shooting .

6. Variety of outdoor activities

If you want to get into the boots of a freedom fighter from the Rila Mountains, it is also possible. You can practise archery or try to shoot with air rifle at Boroland. I turned out to be more accurate with the air rifle.

Boroland Rope City

For even more coordinated thrill seekers, the Boroland Rope City is an option to test your physical fitness and balancing skills. I decided to skip it because I felt uncomfortable only at the sight of other people walking along the track.

Въжен град Бороландия

If you’re like me, don’t worry – there are a variety of adventures to choose from – horseback riding, paintball, kayaking, rock climbing, trampoline jumping and paragliding.

The complex also organizes many events for people with different interests – folklore and yoga festivals, scout days for kids, rock concerts and sports competitions,which you can easily combine with your vacation. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, most of them have been temporarily postponed.

7. Paradise for mountain bikers

трасета за планинско колоездене

The greatest pride of Borovets is the first park for mountain bikers in Bulgaria with a total of 8 tracks of varying difficulty and bizarre names – “Harry Potter”, “Tom & Jerry”, “Rocky”, “Need for speed ”and“ Scary movie ”.

There is an option to rent a bike on site, and the yellow lift “Sitnyakovo Express” is specially adapted to take you and your bike unharmed to the start of the trails in the mountains. Please note that the lift is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays when you plan your holiday.

планински колоездачи на лифта
Sitnyakovo Express lift

Did I manage to convince you that it is worth visiting Borovets in summer as well? Take your bike and have a pleasant getaway from the heat in nature.

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