Веселина Василева
Vesselina Vassileva

Welcome to Bougie Streets!

My name is Vessy. I love travelling, taking photos of bohemian neighbourhoods and visiting cultural events and city festivals. I believe experiences are worth more than things. Welcome to my digital piece of land. Here I share my passion for artsy places, food and new experiences and I write about everything that I find interesting. I hope that you will find my tips, impressions and recommendations inspiring and useful.

You can find me on vesy.k.v@gmail.com or here.

This is Zafir Zafirov but you can call him Zafo – the creative dynamo behind the video content in Bougie Streets, the technical person behind the virtual walks and a drone master. He will always surprise you with an innovative idea and an unusual approach. He is a scaffolding civil engineer by profession, and in his spare time he is an amateur brewer. You can usually find him in a park on his favorite longboard.